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FAB 3000 - Revision History

New Feature
Bug Fix


FAB 3000 Version 7.8.1 Released

06 October, 2016

New Help Manual with over 450 Pages! Drastically updated with additional embedded videos and tutorials.
Silkscreen Optimizer.  New option for Composite method has been added.
Perform Neg/Mirror Layers (if Required). This option can prevent FAB 3000 from creating a negative layer and/or mirror when defined in the Gerber header.
Insert Component.  Orientation has been improved.
Import IPC-2581.  Directly support files with .cvg extension.
Import Gerber X2. Fixed Drill import with Gerber X2 files.
PDF Vector Export. Prevent erroneous message box from occurring.
About 10 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.8.0 Released

08 September, 2016

Import IPC2581-B - IPC-2581 is a generic standard for printed circuit board assembly products manufacturing description data and transfer methodology. 
Automated Import of CAM data generated by Allegro and OrCAD - During import, automatically determines all layer types, stack up, blind/buried drills, and more.
NC Drill and Rout Import has been improved. 
Better handle non-centered custom apertures in display and image export.
Better handle non-centered components in display and centroid export.
About 12 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.7.7 Released

15 August, 2016

Reverse Selection - Editing now permits command selection before object selection.  You no longer need to select objects first and then a command like (move).  You can now move objects (for example) by going to menu:  Edit / Move, and then select objects.  This allows FAB 3000 to feel more familiar to other CAM tools.
Unlimited Undo/Redo - Making FAB 3000 the easiest Gerber editor available.
Export PDF Vector -  Resolution has been improved.
SMT Stencil commands -  No longer requires that you to select flashes only.  Save time by selecting drawn pads and perform SMT stencil editing.
Improved GUI ribbon interface.  Find important commands faster.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.7.1 Released

28 July, 2016

Intelli-Drill Import feature - Automatically detects all drill holes during import and aligns them with the existing Gerber. This makes Importing drills files much easier, because you no longer have to worry about the drill format (i.e Leading or Trailing Zeros, Inch or Millimeter, etc.) or incorrect scale after import -- FAB 3000 will figure everything out.
Submit a Support Ticket - Quickly create a support ticket for technical assistance.
Modify Rout Plunge/Retract - Easily modify both plunge/retract for any closed rout path.
AutoSave Workspace - Optimize save algorithm during long periods of inactivity.
NC Drill table - Added Minimum and Maximum hole tolerance.
Display of NC Drill holes (while zoomed far away) has been improved.
Detect Border Layer has been improved.
Prevent Crash that occurred when multiple cells were selected and copied to the clipboard.


FAB 3000 Version 7.6.16 Released

07 July, 2016

Convert IPC Netlist to Components.  Automatically generate Components from IPC Netlist. Save time compared to using Build Components.
Centroid Compare - Compares generated components against an imported centroid list.
Centroid Import - Reload existing centroid files using different character separators.
BOM Import - Reload existing BOM files using different character separators.
Centroid Import - Ability to import centroid files with fixed column spacing.  Previously centroid files that were neither Excel or CSV could not be imported.
BOM Import - Ability to import BOM files with fixed column spacing.   Previously BOM files that were neither Excel or CSV could not be imported.
ODB++ Export - Files generated are 100% compatible with the latest Mentor ODB++ Viewer 9.6.  Previously a warning message was displayed by Mentor ODB++ Viewer 9.6.
ODB++ Import - Better optimization of complex surfaces (i.e Polygons).  Prevents any possibility of erroneous import of complex polygon surfaces.
3D STEP Export - Produces up to 50% smaller and optimized STEP files. Previously output STEP files that had difficulty importing into various 3D CAD/Simulation tools.
PDF/Postscript Export - Output true circles and arcs for better resolution and smaller files.  Previously the edge quality of small flashed pads was unacceptable.
Add Arc & Circle.  Output as filled, outlined, path, or flash (Circle only).  Gives the user more options when adding objects within FAB 3000.
Draw to Flash (Selective) - Better detection and placement of flashed pads within composite areas.  Previously did not consider composite level for flash pad placement.
Find Component - Now you may quickly enter the component REFDES instead of having to select from a long list.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.6.10 Released

09 June, 2016

Convert Negative Plane. Converts Negative Planes to Positive.
Negative Layers.  Reverse the polarity of multiple layers simultaneously.
Handling of Unicode files.
Easily import and export files directly to/from any network.
Scale Pads with custom apertures.
Export Netlist.  On some systems the export dialog did not appear.
About 5 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.6.7 Released

29 May, 2016

Add Arc (3 Points).  Create any arc by simply selecting 3 points.
Add Arc (TTR).  Create any arc by selecting two tangent objects and enter radius.
Add Circle (2 Points).  Create any circle by simply selecting 2 points.
Add Circle (3 Points).  Create any circle by simply selecting 3 points.
Add Circle (TTR).  Create any circle by selecting two tangent objects and enter radius.
Add Line.  Create a 0-width line which is perfect for construction of complex objects.
Offset.  This commands creates parallel paths, lines, polygons, and arcs.  Excellent for implementing etch factors and other manufacturing purposes.
Edit Properties.  Convert any path to line (0-width) or polygon.
Detect Arcs has been improved during export of formats: Gerber, NC Drill/Rout, ODB++, and DXF/DWG.
Chamfer. Create multiple chamfers simultaneously.
Fillet. Create multiple fillets simultaneously.
Customize Hot Keys has been improved.
ODB++ Import - Resolved conflict when a custom symbol uses a standard symbol name.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.6.6 Released

17 May, 2016

Resolved memory conflict between two 3rd party libraries.
Resolved Export Wizard crash on Windows 10.

FAB 3000 Version 7.6.5 Released

11 May, 2016

Scale Pad.  Explicitly assign final pad Width and Height.
DFM Check (Annular Ring)- Eliminated false positives which occurred with overlapping objects.
DFM Check (Undersized Mask Clearance)- Eliminated false positives which occurred with overlapping objects.
DFM Check (Minimum Silkscreen Width)- Eliminated false positives which occurred with thin lines used to draw hatched fonts.
ODB++ Import has been improved. Better handle non-symmetric pads which required rotation plus mirror.
Gerber Import - Improved optimization of complex polygons.
Gerber Import - Improved handling of Polygons from Gerbers generated by DipTrace.
Gerber Import - Automatic Layer type detection from Gerbers generated by KiCad.
Drill Import - Scan Eagle drill report files for tool sizes, units, formatting and more.
Generate Border Layer (Automatic) - Border detection has been improved.
Generate Border Layer (Selective) - Prevents duplicate/overlapping border.
Responsiveness during long calculations has been improved.
Join Interactive has been improved.
About 15 other minor bug fixes.

FAB 3000 Version 7.6.2 Released

13 April, 2016

3D STEP/STL Export.  Improved stack up sequence.
Print. Corrected the common printer error #1.
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