Easily Swap/Flip PCB Layers symmetrically in a Panel.

Easily Swap/Flip PCB Layers symmetrically in a Panel.

Ever had Panel that needed a certain PCB to be flipped (i.e from top to bottom and vice-versa) plus all other layers?

Using FAB3K easily flip/swap any PCB in a Panel (i.e Top to Bottom plus all other layers symmetrically). Required for creating optimized PCB Panels that save money and improve the entire PCB manufacturing process during both Fabrication and Assembly.

Only 2 Steps needed to Swap Layers:

  1. Open/Display the Panel in FAB3K, and go to menu:  Edit / Swap Layers...
  2. Select any PCB's which need to have the layers swapped.

That's It! FAB3K will take care of everything else.  Afterwards you can export to any manufacturing format like: Gerber, NC, ODB++, IPC-2581, DXF, 3D Step, and more.

 Here's a quick tutorial movie (no sound):



Flip Direction: Determine direction to mirror objects. Default: Horizontal

  • Horizontal: Mirror about the Y-axis.
  • Vertical: Mirror about the X-axis.
  • None: No mirror. If none is selected, please be aware only object layers will be swapped.  Typically None is not used.

Rotation: Assign any rotation after Flip (in degrees). This feature is optional.  Default: 0.0

Did you know?:  Swap layers works on any object types in FAB3K (not just inserted PCB's in a panel).  


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